DOPU-201 Eco-friendly Hydrophobic Polyurethane Grouting Material

DOPU-201 Eco-friendly Hydrophobic Polyurethane Grouting Material

INTRODUCTION DOPU-201 is an eco-friendly single component hydrophobic polyurethane grouting material. This chemical grouting material is produced by the reaction of blend polyols and isocyanate, and end-capped by isocyanate. The material can react rapidly with water, its volume expands, to form a water-insoluble foaming. This material can not only waterproof plugging, but also has a certain reinforcement and stabilization effect. It has been widely used in subway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, underground garage, sewer and other fields of waterproof leakage-plugging. FEATURES A. Good  hydrophobicity and chemical stability. B. With large permeation radius,solidification volume ratio and high water reaction rate.Reacting with water can release a lot of expansion pressure which push the slurry to diffuse to the depth of the crack to form a rigid consolidation. C. Good chemical corrosion resistance against acid, alkali and organic solvents. D. The coating is smooth, wear-resistant and free from mold. E. Excellent adhesion with concrete base and other building materials. F. The viscosity and setting time can be adjusted according to engineering requirements. TYPICAL INDEX




Tan transparent liquid

Density /g/cm3


Viscosity /mpa·s(23±2℃)


Setting time a/s


Solid content/%


Foaming rate/%


Compressive strength /MPa


PS:Setting time can be adjusted according to customer needs;

APPLICATION A. Filling seam sealing and waterproof anticorrosive coating of Water tank, water tower, basement, shelter and other buildings; B. Corrosion protection of metal and concrete pipe layer and steel structure; C. Foundation reinforcement of underground tunnels and buildings and ground dustproof treatment; D. The sealing and strengthening of deformation seams, construction joints and structural cracks in construction projects; E. Sealing leakage and reinforcement of ports, wharves, piers, dams and hydropower stations, etc; F. Wall protection and leak plugging in geological drilling, selective water plugging in oil exploitation, and water stop-gushing in the mine, etc.

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