MS-930 Silicon Modified sealant

MS-930 Silicon Modified sealant

INTRODUCTION MS-930 is a high performance, neutral single-component sealant based on MS polymer.It reacts with water to form an elastic material, and its tack free time and curing time are related to temperature and humidity.Increasing temperature and humidity can reduce tack free time and curing time, while low temperature and low humidity can also delay this process. MS-930 has the comprehensive performance of elastic seal and adhesion.It is suitable for the parts that need elastic sealing in addition with certain adhesive strength. MS-930 is odorless, solvent-free, isocyanate free and PVC free .It has good adhesion to many substances and does not require a primer, which is also suitable for spray-painted surface.This product has been proven to have excellent UV resistance, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


A) No formaldehyde, no solvent, no peculiar smell B) No silicone oil, no corrosion and no pollution to the substrate, environment-friendly

C) Good adhesion of a variety of substances without primer

D) Good mechanical property E) Stable color, good UV resistance F) Single component, easy to construct G) Can be painted


Industry manufacturing, such as car assembling, ship manufacturing, train body manufacturing ,container metal structure.

Ms-930 has good adhesion to most materials: such as aluminum (polished, anodized), brass, steel, stainless steel, glass, ABS, hard PVC and most thermoplastic materials. The film release agent on the plastic must be removed before adhesion.

Important note: PE, PP, PTFE does not stick to the relay, the material mentioned above is not recommended to test first.

The pretreatment substrate surface must be clean, dry and grease-free.










Solid content


Curing mechanism

Moisture curing

Surface dry time

≤ 30min*

Curing rate


Tensile strength

≥3.0 MPa


≥  150%

Operating temperature

-40℃  to 100℃

* Standard conditions: temperature 23 + 2 ℃,Relative humidity 50±5% METHOD OF APPLICATION The corresponding manual or pneumatic glue gun should be used for soft packaging, and it is recommended to control within 0.2-0.4mpa when pneumatic glue gun is used. Too low temperature will lead to increased viscosity, it is recommended to preheat sealants at room temperature before application. COATING PERFORMANCE Ms-930 can be painted, however, adaptability tests are recommended for a wide variety of paints. STORAGE Storage temperature: 5 ℃ to 30 ℃ Storage time: 9 months in the original packaging.

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