MS resin 910R

MS resin 910R

INTRODUCTION 910R is a silane modified polyurethane resin based on high molecular weight polyether, end-capped with siloxane and containing carbamate groups, has the characteristics of high activity, no dissociative isocyanate, no solvent, excellent adhesion and so on. 910R curing mechanism is moisture curing. Catalysts are needed in sealant formulation. Ordinary organotin catalysts (such as dibutyltin dilaurate) or chelated tin (such as diacetylacetone dibutyltin) can achieve good mechanical properties. The recommended amount of tin catalysts is 0.2-0.6%. 910R resin combinated with plasticizer, nano-calcium carbonate, silane coupling agent and other fillers and additives can prepare sealant products which has tensile strength of 1.0-4.0 MPa, 100% modulus between 0.3-2.0 MPa and elastic recovery of more than 70%. 910R can also be used to prepare transparent sealants which are widely used in building exterior wall, home decoration, industrial elastic sealant, elastic adhesive and so on. TECHNICAL INDEX



Test method


Colorless to pale yellow transparent viscous liquid


Colour value

50 Max


Viscosity (mPa·s)

50 000-70 000

Brookfield viscometer under 25 ℃



Isopropanol/aqueous solution

Moisture content(wt%)

0.1 Max

Karl Fischer



25 ℃ water density is 1


Small package

20 kg iron drum

Medium package

200 kg iron drum

Large package

1000kg PVC ton drum

STORAGE Place in a cool and ventilated place.Unopened preservation at room temperature.The product storage time is for 12 months.Non-flammable goods, according to conventional chemical transport.

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