Inov Polyurethane High Temperature Glue/Room Temperature Glue/Non-Yellowing Glue

【Overview】 This product is a two-component polyurethane adhesive. Specially used for bonding the lawn to the ground foundation. 【Characteristics】 This product has low viscosity and good adhesion to the lawn and foundation. It is a low-VOC environmentally friendly product that meets the new national standard testing. It has excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, high bonding strength, long service life, green environmental protection, waterproof and light resistance. Completely solve the problem of adhesion failure caused by poor water resistance and poor aging resistance of traditional glues.

【Physical and chemical properties】

                                  Model                       NCP-9A Green




brown liquid

Operating temperature/℃


Curing time/h (25℃)


Operating time/min (25℃)


Initial setting time/h (25℃)


Curing time/h (25℃)


Opening time/min (25℃)


【Note】 The higher the temperature during the construction of the above performance indicators, the shorter the pot life and open time, and the faster the curing speed; the lower the temperature, the opposite is true. Do not use this product at an ambient temperature lower than -10°C. In a high temperature environment (ambient temperature higher than 40°C), the pot life of this product will be greatly reduced. If the ambient temperature is too low, it is recommended that component B be placed in an environment with a temperature higher than 5°C before mixing the two components, and then used overnight. Generally, it is recommended to use the whole barrel together. If only part of the product is used, the two-component weighing should be accurate. [Brief construction process] ① Preparation at the grassroots level The foundation must meet the laying standards of artificial turf ② Lawn preparation Before laying the lawn, spread out the entire roll of lawn and leave it flat for more than a few hours to eliminate the internal stress caused by rewinding and packaging. ③Two-component mixing material: Pour component B into component A, stir evenly and start construction. ④Squeegee adhesive: Use a toothed gray knife to evenly scrape the mixed glue on a clean and dense cement foundation (or a special interface belt), and press it during the opening time. It is recommended to choose the method of scraping on a clean and dense cement foundation, because this method can achieve the effect of completely destroying the lawn. Paste artificial turf: Pave the lawn in accordance with the lawn supplier's guidelines. Scrape the glue, and pave the artificial turf along the interface belt during the open time (about 60 minutes at 25°C). In order to ensure sufficient bonding, it should be applied to the pavement about 2 hours after the glue is applied (data at 25°C). Roll and compact the lawn once with a heavy object (or step on it manually with a foot once) to avoid insufficient contact between the lawn and the interface belt or the cement floor and cause the problem of weak bonding. The lawn can be put into use after about 2 days. 【Amount】 The dosage per square meter is about 0.3kg. 【Storage】 Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, away from heat and water sources. After opening, it should be used up as soon as possible. If it cannot be used up at one time, it must be replaced with nitrogen and sealed. The original storage period is six months.

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