Doncool 104M HFC-245fa/CP base blend polyols

Doncool 104M HFC-245fa/CP base blend polyols

INTRODUCTION DonCool 104/M blend polyols use HFC-245fa premixed with CP as blowing agent, it applies to refrigerators, freezers, electric water heaters and other products thermal insulation.



Light yellow transparent liquid

Hydroxyl Value              mgKOH/g


Dynamic Viscosity /25℃       mPa.s


Specific Gravity   /20℃       g/ml


Storage Temperature          ℃


Shelf life ※                 Month


※Store in dry original drums/IBCs at recommended storage temperature.



DonCool 104/M blend polyols




TECHNOLOGY AND REACTIVITY CHARACTERISTICS  (Material Temperature is 20℃, the actual value varied as per process conditions)

Manual Mixing(low pressure machine)

High Pressure Machine Mixing

Cream TimesGel time                 s Tack free time            s Free density           kg/m3









Moulding Density GB/T 6343 31-33kg/m3
Closed-cell rate GB/T 10799 ≥90%
Thermal Conductivity(10℃) GB/T 3399 ≤19 mW/(m.K)
Compressive strength GB/T 8813 ≥140kPa
Dimensional stability       24h  -20℃ GB/T 8811 ≤1.0%

24h  100℃

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